Security officers in Kiambu County recover a lorry which had reported missing.

The detectives led by Kiambu county police commander Adiel Nyange found the truck abandoned at a road side in Mutarakwa area in Limuru sub county, Kiambu County.

The county police boss told KNA that his officers received a distress call of a missing truck from the owner and immediately launched a search for it.

”The truck was loaded with 29 tonnes of sugar worth Sh3.5million which was to be delivered to a ware house in Nairobi when it was reported missing,” said Nyange while speaking to the press in his office on Monday.

According to the police boss, the owner became suspicious of theft after a vehicle tracking device fitted at the truck sent an alarm that it had been dismantled.

The detectives with the help of a car tracking company found that the hijackers had plucked off the device but dumped it in a thicket where the track was found abandoned.

“The hijackers dumped the device as they were fleeing after they knew security officers were following them, but we have arrested the driver who we suspected colluded with the gang to commit a crime,” said the county police boss, adding, the 29 tonnes of sugar was also recovered.

Chris Ndungu an expert on car tracking and who also helped the security officers to trace the missing lorry, explained how the system works to identify location of missing vehicle and even how it sends a communication when one tries to interfere with it.

He noted that the system had already indicated the truck had been diverted from a route where it was expected to use and also had sent a communication that it had been dismantled.


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