Supremacy war between Gichugu Member of Parliament Njogu Barua and Kirinyaga governor Joseph Ndathi has allegedly delayed the construction of a Technical training institute in Gichugu constituency.

Speaking at Kiambatha primary school ground, Barua said the institute construction is yet to commence despite the National Government having allocated Sh100 million for the project two years ago.

Barua at the same time accused Kirinyaga women representative Winnie Karimi of interfering with his projects saying she has been traversing his constituency discrediting him on development matters.

‘’Am disturbed by Karimi’s conduct which borders on undermining my elective mandate yet she has her own which I can never dare interfere with. Why is she not concentrating with her business and leave my constituency affairs alone?’’ Barua posed.

He claimed Karimi and Ndathi had teamed up to oppose the proposed establishment of a Technical Training Institute in his constituency. “I have been trying in vain to acquire land for the  purpose until recently when it came into the limelight that the duo has been sabotaging this project,’’ he claimed.

But in a quick rejoinder, Karimi told off Barua and challenged him to step down as the Gichugu MP and seek for the women Representative’s position.

A bitter Karimi denied ever interfering with Barua’s development programs in his area and accused him of engaging in shadow boxing.

Equally, Ndathi denied ever sabotaging the project adding, “How can I for heaven’s sake oppose such a project which besides offering courses for the youth will also create direct and indirect employment for our people?  He quipped.

He explained that Barua was going against a decision reached by stakeholders that since Kiambatha primary school land was 12 acres, it be subdivided into three equal portions to give room for a Youth Polytechnic, a primary school, and a Technical Institute.

“This is what the stakeholders proposed and what the MP is opposed to. He cannot then turn around and start accusing us of undermining him,’’ Ndathi said.