Homa Bay Governor Cyprian Awiti has urged political leaders in Nyanza Region to step up efforts to mobilize the locals to register as voters.

He said Homa Bay County must target to register at least 500, 000 voters in the coming mass voter listing exercise set to start ahead of the upcoming elections.

Awiti said he is ready to work together with all the elected and aspiring leaders in the county regardless of their political views in ensuring every eligible resident enlists as a voter.
“I appeal to every qualified adult in Homa Bay to turn up and register as voters. Let everyone take it upon himself or herself to ensure no eligible voter is left out in the eminent mass voter registration,” Awiti said.

He said as the governor of the county, he will expend all his energies in ensuring that maximum number of eligible voters were enlisted.

Addressing the press in his Homa Bay town office today, Awiti stated that he has selected a team of ten people who would be going round the polling stations and door to door mobilizing the residents to enlist as voters.

“Election is won through numbers hence our people should not hesitate in taking advantage of this process. You have a right to elect leaders of your choice,” he said.

Awiti added that the selected team will be tasked to avail uncollected IDs to their respective owners in the area for voter registration.

The Governors sentiments were echoed by area woman representative Gladys Wanga when she disbursed Cheques for Affirmative Action Fund in Homa Bay town.

Wanga, the county ODM party chair told the branch party officials to stop internal leadership wrangles and instead concentrate on mobilizing their supporters to register largely as voters.

“We must stop any wrangles in the Orange Democratic Movement and focus our energies on building the party and registering voters” said Wanga.