Narok Muslims Association officials have today accused Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) Deputy Secretary General Hassan Ole Naado of what they denounced as appointing new Narok officials without transparency or democracy.

Led by their Vice chairman Mohammed Hassan Yunis, the leaders accused Ole Naado of illegally appointing leaders behind their backs.

He said the matter was not even announced in the mosque, an anomaly they warned might cause sharp divisions within the faithful who have co-existed peacefully in the County.

Yunis cited a case where on Friday December 23, 2016 at Kipangas area within Narok North Sub County, Ole Naado secretly called a few people and drew a list of officials to represent the county and hurriedly presented a list to SUPKEM in Nairobi.

He called upon the government to investigate Ole Naado alleging that he is being sponsored by foreign countries to divide the Muslim Community.

This according to them is not in keeping with Muslim faith since Friday is a prayer day and carrying out an election on the day was disrespectful and unacceptable.

“We are aware that Ole Naado has an intention of dividing us Muslims because we are told he is receiving funds from foreign countries. We are wondering why he conducted the elections secretly and on a Friday – our prayer day?” he quipped.

He told the Press at Narok Town Mosque that Ole Naado is a ‘Shia’ Muslim, a group associated with Iran and that Kenyan Muslims are ‘Sunni.’

Narok Muslim Youth Chairman Hussein Ahmed asked Ole Naado to be careful not to bring divisions among the Narok Muslims who have for years been united saying such an act could bring “a permanent curse in his life.”

“We are not against you being a leader, but we are asking you not to interfere with our brotherhood spirit. The punishment of bringing division among Muslims is more a sin than even killing,” said Ahmed.

The leaders therefore warned the Narok public to beware when transacting any business with the ‘new team’.

Efforts to reach Ole Naado and get his comments were futile as he was out of the county.