Former Head of Public Service Ambassador Francis Muthaura has appealed to both the national and county governments to ensure people who caused tremendous change in Kenya’s history are documented.

Muthaura observed that there are many remarkable personalities in the country whose achievements have transformed the country from the colonial era to date.

He said though the government has been making efforts there are many other such people still alive whose histories can be documented and also be given state recognition.

“The future of this country lies with the people of this calibre that the future generations could emulate. Meru County and other areas could be totally different were it not for such unique people who broke through the shell,” said Ambassador Muthaura.

He decried the culture of praising heroes only when they die and proposed that instead, the country should set up modalities of recognising them when they are still alive.

Muthaura who was eulogising the late Henry Kinyua who was laid to rest at his Kinoru home in Meru County on Tuesday urged counties to come up with programmes of identifying and documenting profiles of their people who have made commendable contributions to society.

The late Kinyua was remembered for being the best performing Managing Director of the Kenya Planters Cooperative Union in the 1980s before it went down on its knees after his exit.

It is during his tenure that Kenya hit its production peak of 130,000 metric tons of coffee, a figure that has never been witnessed to date.

Among those who eulogized Kinyua was President Uhuru Kenyatta who was unable to attend due to other urgent commitments according to the Eastern Regional Coordinator Mr. Wycliffe Ogalo who read his speech.