Homa Cay County education team in conjunction with Suba Sub County Security team has closed Moi Girls’ Sindo for one week following a wave of fire incidences in the secondary school.

The closure will allow time for investigations to unearth the root cause of frequent fire break outs which has caused heavy losses to the school community.

In a meeting chaired by the County Education Director Mrs. Margaret Muandale yesterday, the team resolved to have the school administration changed and also recommended the dissolution of the board of management.

At the same time, the team called for the school’s funds to be audited before recalling back the students.

The school has been facing a series of dormitory fires since September last year. Only this week, two fire incidents occurred at the school, bringing to 4, the number of dormitories which have so far been burnt. The first incident occurred in September, while another one followed in October last year.

The first fire broke out in the morning and burnt a few items before being extinguished. Later in the evening, another dormitory caught fire which culminated in destruction of all property that was inside.

The latest fire incident started at around 6.30pm where about 58 students lost all their properties.

According to the Homa Bay County Police Commander John Omusanga, the value of property destroyed and the cause of the inferno are yet to be established.

Omusanga faulted the institution leadership for failing to report the first occurrence of fire incident to the police.

A team of education officers, parents and members of the public thronged the school to get first-hand information on the peculiar fire incidents.

Parents are now appealing to the police to furnish them with findings over the cause of the fires, to enable them take appropriate action to salvage the school.