As the voter registration exercise entered the third day today, concerted efforts by all stakeholders to mobilize voter participation is evident in all the six  Sub-Counties that form the former Thika District within Kiambu County.

A spot check by KNA revealed that religious organisations, organised mobilisation groups, politicians both incumbent and aspiring,  chiefs and their assistants have rolled up their sleeves and  embarked on a door to door campaign to ensure that as many unregistered people as possible turn out at the registration stations to register.

According to the Kiambu IEBC Regional Coordinator Nancy Kariuki, so far a low turnout has characterised the first two days in most of the registration centres but voter educators and mobilizers  are on the ground to create awareness.

“We are however expecting to go far beyond the expected targets in this region due to mass movements to sub-urban in the last five years occasioned by  the Thika super-highway, devolution and other relevant infrastructure that has opened up the region for rural-urban migration” she said.

She revealed that the BVR machines that were previously malfunctioning have been fixed and backup machine are on standby to ensure that the registration exercise does not stall.

Kariuki lauded the concerted efforts by all mobilisation bodies saying that through the concerted efforts by stakeholders IEBC officers are now able to concentrate on their core function of voter registration.

She lauded the support accorded to IEBC by security agents and the  national government administration and was optimistic that by the end of the voter registration exercise all would be voters would have been captured in readiness for the August general elections.

“Right now transfer of registration stations by voters is rivalling the actual voter registration in all registration centres with people preferring to change their voting stations for their own convenience,”she explained.