The government has asked residents of Kisumu to be on the lookout and report any cases of dead poultry and wild birds.

The alert comes after cases of bird flu diseases were reported in neighboring Uganda with fears it could spread to Kenya.

Kisumu County Commissioner Maalim Mohammed said Kisumu County and Kenya at large were  safe and there was no cause for alarm.

However, he called for thorough surveillance to ensure that any incident that may be related to the flu is reported for immediate action to be taken.

The veterinary department, he said was coordinating activities at the common border of the two countries following the government’s ban on poultry and poultry products from Uganda to ensure that it is enforced.

“It is not only through poultry and poultry products but the disease can be spread by wild birds even through the lake here that’s why we are not leaving anything to chance,” said the administrator.

Chiefs and assistant chiefs, he said have been put on high alert to sensitize the locals at the same time report any incidents whenever they occur.