Twenty six girls from different schools in Narok North and Narok South Sub Counties have been forced to drop out of school due to pregnancy.

The girls aged between 12 and 17 years from various schools in the county are alleged to have been impregnated after undergoing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) during the long December holidays.

Area Children’s Officer Julius Ngoko said the girls who are pupils in class five to eight were from Olelusie, Erusiai, Ilkaraampuri and Nkaretta primary schools.

Ngoko who was speaking in his office today blamed the parents and the community for neglecting their children while on holiday, and allowing the vice to happen in their presence.

He also blamed some teachers for collaborating with the parents to settle the matter locally saying this has contributed to increase in school dropout, as the culprits do not face full force of the law.

“When girls undergo FGM, they feel they are women and old enough to engage in sexual intercourse and they end up becoming pregnant,” said Ngoko.

The Children’s Officer noted with concern the high intake of girls in class one to class three, but a high drop out in class four and upper classes due to early pregnancies.

“The high dropout rate of girls in schools is worrying, all children stakeholders should help in holding counselling units for the girls who are already affected so that they can gain courage to go back to school after delivery,” he said.

He also blamed parents for secretly planning to marry off their girls to suitors who impregnate them.

Ngoko warned that the government would deal firmly with such people saying they are denying the children their democratic right to education.

Narok North Education Officer Kuyo Ole Sawainah said the girls should be given a chance to go back to school after delivery to continue with their studies.

He asked the teachers to act as role models to the girls by interacting with them and teaching them the importance of education.

“Most of these girls are looking upon their teachers as role models, hence the tutors have to instil discipline and focus on the young children so that they can enjoy a bright future,” he said.