A plastic manufacturing company, Regeneration Environmental Services Company, based in Malindi town, has initiated programs of collecting, recycling and processing plastic materials into other valuable products besides conserving the environment.

Speaking to the press in Malindi , the company’s director, Mrs. Lilian Wangare said plastic materials like plastic bags and Jerricanes, among others, do not rot and were harmful to the environment hence the need to convert them into valuable products.

Wangare noted that her company will not only eradicate plastic material in the town and its environs but also create employment for many youths.

She said, “I have employed many youths who go round the town collecting all plastic materials like paper bags, plastic bottles and jerricanes, among others”.

She said that about 90 percent of the plastic material that has been collected and delivered to the factory will be reused in the construction of a boat tendered for by a group of fishermen.

The director said an expert, Mr Ali Abdallah Skanda, has been recruited to construct the boat and he will team up with others to assemble the boat from the plastic materials.

Mr. Skanda told KNA that assembling the boat will take about one year adding the venture was economical and environment friendly since it saved on wood, the commonest component used in most carpentry work.

The plastic boat will cost between Sh60-100 million compared to Sh30 million required to construct a wooden timber vessel, he explained adding that plastics are more durable.

He says the plastic boat will save about 300 trees, aged about 30-70 years,  that would have been cut down to construct it.