Chief Executive Committee member (CEC) for Social, Gender, Youth and Sport Rev. Magdalene Nduta has urged parents in Kirinyaga County to enroll their children in polytechnics to help them acquire skills to make them self-reliant in future.

Nduta said skills acquired in polytechnics will help create employment among the youth and is also a vehicle towards achievement of the vision 2030.

The official decried the low enrollment of youths in the polytechnics in the county and attributed it tothe negative perception the residents have about polytechnics.

She said residents perceive polytechnics as institutions for failures but noted the institutions have now been equipped with the modern facilities to train young people on market oriented skills that have enabled them to succeed in the society.

“Skills acquired in a polytechnic make one self-reliant instead of waiting to be employed as is the case with non technical education,” she said.

The area governor Joseph Ndathi, while addressing the same gathering said the county has since confirmed employment of over 100 instructors who will be in charge of the polytechnics in the county.

He said so far there was an enrolment of a mere 758 students in the county`s 10 polytechnics yet the training is subsidised by the government which pays Sh.15, 000 for every student per year.

Ndathi said young people in the area prefer to venture into horticultural farming which brings immediate returns other than join the polytechnics to acquire skills which can help them in future.

He said the county government has rehabilitated the institutions that had been rundown andhas provided equipment for various courses.

We have already rehabilitated three polytechnics at a cost of Sh. 16.5 million and are in the process of constructing workshops in three other polytechnics in the area,” he said

The two officials made the remarks at ACK church Kutus ground  when issuing confirmation letters to over 100 instructors to be in charge of the youth polytechnics in the county.