As the country gears up for elections, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK), warns that it will not hesitate taking action against misuse of communication devices to propagate hate speech.

The authority said they will closely monitor to detect and prevent hate speech and incitement to violence through the use of radio, TV and other wireless communication devices and channels.

CAK Chairman Ben Gituku said hate speech usually raises its ugly head at a time as now when the country drifts to elections mode, with a potential of fuelling ethnic conflicts.

Gituku said CAK will not sit and watch the country plunge into chaos through misuse of communication devices to create tension on account of political competition.

Speaking in Nyeri on Friday during a conference to sensitize counties on how digitization can be used to create open government, Gituku said they are also working closely with security agencies in order to take action against such culprits.

He said they are monitoring the whole communication spectrum, including social media, which has in the past been a major platform used in dissemination of inflammatory statements.

Gituku at the same time said they are working on how to improve child online protection in order to prevent children being exposed to negative and new risks in cyberspace.

He called on all stakeholders, including teachers, parents and companies providing online services to help curb indecent exposures to teens using internet.

Nyeri Senator MutahiKagwe, who was at the event said internet could positively be used to increase transparency in governance and reduce corruption.

He challenged all county governments to leverage on the use of technology to fight corruption and enhance accountability to spur development.