Murang’a governor Mwangi waIria has been criticized for claiming that members of the outlawed Mungiki sect was re-grouping insome partsof Central region.


Kigumo MP, Jamleck Kamau, the Murang’a deputy governor Gakure Monyo and Maragua MP KamandeMwangi, said Wairiacannot prove his allegations and urged him to stop spreading malicious rumours.

Kamau noted that the governor was branding innocent youth as mungikimembers after they declined to support his leadership.


“We know the young people governor Wairia is calling mungiki are those who have opposed his leadership and who are now supporting his opponents,” said Kamau at Ithanga area on Sunday.


Kamau said the mention of the word ‘mungiki’ in the region is risky as it creates tension among the residents.

“The term brings back the reflections of how the group used to terrorize the people some years back,” said the legislator.

He called on the governor to substantiate his claims, noting that the sentiments have instilled fear among the residents.

A fortnightago,Waria claimed that there are some local politicians who are mobilizing members of the outlawed sect for political purpose.


Kamau reiterated that if there is any leader with evidence of re-emergence of Mungiki, he should report the matter to security officers.


“There is no need for spreading propaganda, and I challenge those claiming there is mungiki in Murang’a to report to the authorities,” he posed.

Kamaualso claimed thatthere are people who are going around parts of the county getting the identity details of the residents.


He alleged that the people are registering identity card numbers of some area residents, and wondered what the purpose for such a move could be.


“I call uponthe security personnel to investigate the matter and establish the trut