The Isiolo Council of Elders has cautioned politicians to desist from using people masquerading as council of elders to issue inflammatory and divisive utterances that could be a recipe for chaos.

The council further called on the youth to desist from being bought by politicians to cause disharmony but rather make the politicians account for their utterances since the future should not be put on balance by careless talks.

In a statement read by the National Council of Elders of Kenya treasurer Sheikh Ahmed Sett in   Isiolo town read out the bonafide chairmen of the council and cautioned those masquerading to cease with immediate effect.

“The bonafide members who are recognized nationally include Abdullahi Gonjobe (Borana), Nicholas Asuran (Turkana), Karani Mungania (Meru), Joyce Nairesia (Samburu), Mohamud Ismael (Somali) Fred Kinaru (Minority groups) and myself being the National treasurer,” read Sheikh Sett .

The Elders further cautioned those aspiring for various political positions to stop interfering with their affairs terming their elections as dependent on the National Council of Elders and not politicians.

The council further stated that they will continue to preach peace and ensure that no one brings animosity among people who have co-existed for many years.

The elders also called on the government and well-wishers to continue supporting the needy cases now that the county is experiencing famine due to drought.